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$25.00 Membership fee $35.00 per family.
Tuition is divided into 10 monthly payments from September through June. When registering, registration fee, 1st month and last month are due. 1st costume deposit is also due at this time.
Built into the Schedule are school vacations and Holidays.

Louise Noel's accepts cash, check and money orders and credit/debt cards.
Payment is due on the 1st lesson of each month.
A late fee of $15 will be received after the First class of the month.  Payments can be made in person, by mail and over the phone.
There will be a $25 service charge on NSF checks.

Costume Deposits
Costumes are special order. 1st Costume deposit is due in September of $35 per each dance class and $20 for each gymnastic class. The 2nd deposit of $35 for each dance class and $20 for each gymnastic class
 is due by October 31st. Costumes will not be ordered without a deposit. Costumes are ordered December 1st to ensure that they will be here on time. The balance for each costume will be due in January.
 Once the costume order is placed you are responsible for any balances that are outstanding.
If your child will not be participation in our yearly Showcase please inform their teacher at this time.
If you wish to withdraw your child from enrollment at Louise Noel's Dance & Gymnastics, you must fill out a withdrawal notice. The withdrawal notice must be received 30 days in advance of their last lesson or your monthly fees will be due.
Terminations will not be accepted after the 1st of January.

Please notify the studio when your child will miss a class. Students are allowed 1 make-up class per an 8 week period. Make-ups will be done in a class at the same level or lower. Attendance is important for your child to get the full amount of technique from their class. Children must attend the last 6 classes before a performance.
Dress Code
Each style of dance/gymnastics has a dress code. This dress code allows the instructor to see proper alignment. In turn helping to keep
your child safer from injury. You wouldn't send your child onto the football field with our proper attire would you?
You may print the dress code from this website.
Additional information
  • Monthly newsletter in print or through your email.
  • Students will be placed in class by their ability and their age.
  • New students with prior experience will be evaluated to make sure their placement is the best for them.
  • Parents are responsible for their child in the waiting areas. Once your child is in class you are free to leave, please return by the end of your child's class. if you are going to be late notify the staff.
  • Please notify the staff of any medical information.

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