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Yoga for health and relaxation

Yoga for health and relaxation
This class will benefit those who rarely exercise, those who are recovering from an illness and those who would like to reduce stress. This class is specifically disigned for the beginner and those just starting an exercise program.

This class centers around pranayama (concious prolongation and restraint of the breath)and gentle asanas(yoga poses). Through these techniques more oxygen enters the body and more carbon dioxide (toxins) are exhaled from the body leading to optimum ventilation. This in turn automatically improvews the circulatgory system. In this class students will learn to consciously lengthen the breathing process while concentrating on the breath.

Both pranayama and asanas have their own health benefits, but when combined can bring the following health benefits for students of all ages.
Increases lung capacity, concentration, oxygen ratio, toxin release, posture, soothing the nervous system, flexibility, strength, faster illness redcovery and easier breathing.
It reduces stress, mentan and physical fatigue, brain tension and mental distractions.

Classes are taught by our registered yoga Alliance trained teacher Jane LaBorde.

What is needed for class? Comfortable non-restrictive clathing 2 pillows and a blanket.
Classes are held on Thursday pm. For mor info call 413 736-5196

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