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Yoga for teens and adults

Yoga for teens and adults
This yoga class is for teens and adults who do not have limited mobility. This class will require sitting on the floor,, standing and lying down poses. This class will help you reduce stress, increase flexibility and increase muscle strength. This consists of a continous routine of breathing techniques and slow controlled asanas(poses).

Yoga shouyld be practiced on an empty stomach. the rule of thumb is no meal for 2 hours prior to clasws. Light snacks are Okay. yoga requires a student to actively work their stomach muscles.

Students should wear freely moving clothing and have barefeet. For the end ogf class it is suggested that you bring ans extra shirt/sweatshirt and socks, because when the body cools down it might feel chilled therefore extra clothing will compensate for this sensation.

Students should bring a yoga mat, yoga block, yoga belt, a small blanket, a small throw pillow. Yoga kits are sold in many of the stores in the athletic dept. There will be a number of limited mats, belt and eye pillows available.
These classes are taught by our certified yoga instructor Jane LaBorde.
Classes are held every Thursday evenings. For more info call 413 736-5196

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